With the burden of bills and living expenses, Suria and her three young children often had difficulty making ends meet — they couldn’t afford fresh foods from time to time, and ‘ayam’ (chicken) was a treat. With support from Red Cross’ FoodAid, Suria’s family now enjoys nutritious food everyday.

Meals with Love, a FoodAid project, provides monthly rations of nutritious food to the disadvantaged in our society.


‘Meals with Love’ helps the disadvantaged and overlooked in our community. Through the FoodAid programme, our volunteer befrienders not only put nutritious food on the table, but also offer a listening ear, a helping hand and practical advice to the families in need.


Singapore Red Cross focuses on supporting those who may have fallen through the cracks of social services such as:

  • Skipped-generation families (grandparent-headed households)
  • Single-parent families
  • Working poor


Identified households receive food items and vouchers every month. To ensure nutritional needs are met, the food mix is recommended by hospital dieticians.

Our volunteers also provide beneficiaries with supplementary support, such as tutoring young children and helping the seniors with household chores.

In addition, periodic reviews and assessments are carried out to monitor improvement or change in the family’s conditions, and to ensure that the dire needs of the families are met with our programme.

Please email or call us if you require help from the FoodAid programme.